Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor is widely known as the founding member and lead guitarist of the multi-platinum band, +LIVE+.  With over 22 Million albums sold worldwide including two number one albums (Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi), Chad has co-penned some of LIVE’s biggest hits (incl. “Lakini’s Juice”, “Lightning Crashes”), and helped shape the sound of Alternative Radio in the 1990s and 2000s. 

Taylor also assembled and led rock group, The Gracious Few (feat. members of LIVE and Candlebox) which garnered a Mainstream Rock Radio Top 10 hit with the song, “Honest Man”. Chad is also the designer and owner of the world-class recording studio complex, Think Loud Studios in York, PA.

Taylor has most recently mixed LIVE’s Mental Jewelry 25th Anniversary Deluxe album (due out in July 2017), and held the role of executive producer on Everclear's album, Black Is The New Black, and The Gracious Few's self titled LP.  Additionally, Taylor has produced albums by Solution A.D. and Armsbendback's album, The Waiting Room; and plays a direct role in developing locally based artists in the York, PA region...most recently the singer/songwriter - Zoe LaBelle.

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